From an engineering position, I wish to expand my experience as well as enhance my current skill set. Through teamwork & innovation, I want to contribute to groups of highly motivated individuals seeking to create quality forecasting, analysis & software solutions, which stand out from all others by their attention to details, optimisation & powerful simplicity. My key computer skills are as follows:
  • Simulation & Analysis:
    • Languages: R, Python, Julia, Matlab/Octave, Simul8, SPSS, & SAS Enterprise Miner.
    • Scientific Python Libraries: SciPy, TensorFlow, Pandas, Scikit-learn, NumPy, NuPIC, & NetworkX.
    • Visualisation Tools & Libraries: Tableau, ggplot2, D3.js, ggmap, Tessera, plotly, Shiny, & Gephi. 
    • Distributed & Cloud Computing: Hadoop, Spark, Pig, Hive, & Impala.
  • Programming Languages: C++, Python, Java, Bash, Batch, C#, VBA, & x86 Assembly. 
  • Databases: MySQL, SQL & NoSQL.
  • Operating Systems: Linux (Red Hat family), MS Windows, & Mac. 
  • Optimisation: AIMMS, Xpress-Mosel, & Excel Solver.
  • Modelling Languages: UML (Visual Paradigm), Event-B, & Prolog. 
  • Internet Programming: TCP/IP, JavaScript, XML, CSS, HTML, & SOAP. 
  • Multimedia & Office: Photoshop, Office Suits, & LaTeX.